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Whistle As You Work

The sequel from last year’s polar vortex has taken over the entire nation over this week (but at least we aren’t in Buffalo!). So, there has not been much activity in the garden this week. But, many students ventured out to Loy Farms this past Saturday to help environmental professor Steve Moore with research by shoveling LOTS of soil.

Digging up those holes

Digging up those holes

This project will take a lot of hours, hands and effort. It’s a fact of life that most gardening tasks take a lot of work. Especially for overschedule college students, this isn’t always ideal (unless you’re procrastinating on homework). Here are some timesaving gardening tips!

  1. Be a Water Wizard

Soaker hoses are the preferred tools of the trade. Regular hoses and watering cans will have you standing out there for a while to ensure all your crops are well watered.

All materials can be found at a local hardware store

All materials can be found at a local hardware store

2. Plan, Plan and Plan Some More

Many Elon students have planners to help accomplish their daily, semester and yearlong goals. Plan out what and where you want to grow your crops before planting season. Throughout the year, plan out the tasks to completed each work session. If you have other workers involved, make sure you talk to them ahead of time to take their plans into account as well!

  1. Wack the Weeds

There are few tasks more dreaded than weeding. It’s Monotonous, menial and uncomfortable, but a necessary activity (just like math class) Instead of picking each week out of the soil individually, use a sharp spade to slice beneath weeds, then turn them over to completely bury the leaves. As a bonus, the weeds will add nutrients to the soil!


Lastly, the number one thing that will make gardening easy and fast is enjoying it! Blast some music and invite friends to help. Set rewards for finishing tasks. Don’t forget your gardening passion during this cold weather. If you want to experience one of these amazingly fun garden work sessions, contact ahren@elon.edu to get involved!