Think You Know Composting?

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you a special edition of the Elon Agriculture blog: Communication about Composting!

Did you know that Elon has two main composting stations? One is right at the community garden, and the second can be found at Loy Farms. At Loy Farms, Elon groundskeeping collects the yard waste (branches, grass, etc.) for compost. In 2012-2013, about 95 tons of compost was produced from the yard waste collected.

That is a lot of compost, but we can do so much better! The increase in both global population and consumerism means more, more, more. More resources used, more material things made, and more waste. Compost is a way to close the loop of waste and keep our planet happy and healthy.

The word “compost” comes from Latin where it means, “to put together.” This describes the process where, after bacteria break down the waste into basic organic matter, microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, insects and worms, nutrients go back into the soil and carbon dioxide back into the air. This “humus” in the soil is what helps the soil hold water and nutrients, therefore making it easier to cultivate and grow delicious crops! We millennials think, “wow, that seems like a long and boring process.” But consider this, the earth may take thousands of years to build good soil, but we can help do this in just 5-10 years!

So what is compostable? Check out this list that hangs in the Elon Community Garden!

PLEASE do your small part to make a difference by collecting your compostables and bringing them by the garden’s compost bins for compost. The students in the garden compost group are happy to keep an eye on it for you!

From garbage to garden, composting happens!

From garbage to garden, composting happens!

Actor Will Rogers, who lived through the great American dust bowl during the 1930s once said, “They’re making more people every day- but they ain’t making any more dirt.”

This butterfly, Elon’s garden class, and the rest of the world thank you!

Monarch butterfly

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