Plants aren’t the only things popping up in the garden this spring; the Elon Community Garden has recently come under attack from rabbits. Although they look fluffy and cute, rabbits can do some serious chomping on many kinds of plants and cause damage to the garden.



In the garden, Professor Strickland and his students have constructed a chicken wire fence around plots to try and dissuade the rabbits away from the plants. This is an easy, non-polluting and non-harmful tactic to keep the crops safe.

Chicken wire fence around students' plots

Chicken wire fence around students’ plots

Chicken wire defense

Chicken wire defense

Other tactics to keep rabbits out of your garden involve a line of products from a company called DeFence. This company has a variety of repellent spays for rabbits and deer. However, DeFence is just one of many companies that offer products such as these.

A non-chemical method includes motion sensitive water sprinklers. This way, the animals only come in contact with water instead of chemicals. Many pest companies also sell these kinds of products.

Hopefully, the Elon rabbits will learn to leave the garden’s crops alone and so the crops can continue to grow!

So. Much. Kale.

So. Much. Kale.

For more information on garden pest control, check out this website:



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