So Long, Farewell

This week marks the last few days of the fall semester at Elon University. Classes are over, the campus is lit up by holiday lights, and students are counting down until they can return home for the holidays. But before the stress of exams began, the Garden Studio class celebrated its last session with a local and organic feast!

Wow, looks delicious!

Wow, looks delicious!

Food items included; home grown/made pickled peppers, sauerkraut, pickles, pickled jalapenos, kimchi, muscadine jelly, scuppernong jelly and trail mix. To go along with everything there were crackers from the brand Kashi, a company known for its use of organic ingredients and Non-GMO products.

Healthy and yummy!

Healthy and yummy!

But the fun doesn’t stop there! In addition, Andrea made her “world famous” Brunswick stew.

Brunswick stew

Brunswick stew

Brunswick stew is a traditional dish and popular in the American south. Where it originated from is unknown, but there are many places that claim it such as towns in Georgia, Virginia and even Germany.

There are many variations of the recipe of Brunswick stew, but this particular dish features white potatoes, sweet potatoes (from Loy Farms), peas, corn, kidney beans, onions and garlic. The sauce also has a variety of indigents but mainly has a ketchup, mustard and vinegar base.

It was a fantastic way to complete the cycle of life that was started at the beginning of the semester. As old crops die, new ones start to grow. Even though we may be leaving for a while, the garden has taught us that every end is just another beginning.

Sun sets on Elon Community Garden to rise again another day. Photo by Jillian Somero.

Sun sets on Elon Community Garden to rise again another day. Photo by Jillian Somero.

Have a wonderful holiday season everyone!


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